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694 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Daniel Grover 694 days ago
  1. Better organize our internal documents 
  • Kristen Loria what are our next steps for organizing? do you like where this is going so far?

334 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by dorn cox , Kristen Loria 334 days ago
dorn c 2017 Farm Hack Planning 
Web site upgrade community outreach
  •  use front page space to promote and reach out to community to encourage use and new feedback.   
Kristen will help draft an email blast letter with Dorn to solicit SARE projects and invite folks to send projects along.  
Kristen undefined
  • pre-recorded video tutorial with new tool documentation process - reach out to RJ to record that
dorn c Ideas for posts
  • Call for new tools, and introduction to improved site features
  • call for farm hackers to present their own tools, or requests for projects to present to the community
  • email blast to promote new site and feed the survey questions
On-air hangout Series: monthly?
  • post on calendar
  • write-up on blog leading up with link to live hangout
  • report back post afterwards
dorn c Development calls focus for 2017 - Commerce/Skills/Design library intersection.  
Kristen undefined Moving forward with commerce section:
  • ease of searching people and projects, services etc
  • partnering with a third party: some sort of module (like Craigslist for example) that we could embed in our site
dorn c Ways to highlight new and active projects 
examples - culticycle/patriot weeder/Lu's grain suite/parts and carts electric tool  bar/FarmOS monthly calls/Grant Schultz's projects - develop workshop model
Reactivate the calendar to include on-line events - 
Ready to go - 
  • Godan blog post highlighting Open Farms
  • iframes of all new latelierpaysan tools 
  • Lu and Grant?  
  • Chris, and German Farm Hack group/P2P foundation
  • Tim Cooke/Michael McGowen
  • Wolfes Neck teen Ag projects
  • Dorn tool posts and updates 
  • Ed Hammer
  • Adam Lemeaux, Johnney's and Eliot Coleman video - what are they excited about and what is coming this year - slow tools summary 
  • latelierpaysan
  • GOSH hangout 
  • Un-monistary 
  • PASA hangout
  • NCAT hangout- Andy pressman
  • P2P foundation hangout
  • David Bollier
  • Laurie Ristino UVM Law
  • Greg Watson Shumacher Center. 
  • Dan Kitterage Bionutrient Association Hangout
  • SARE hangout
  • Open Food network
Next Web development priorities
"Rich" user profiles to promote P2P interaction that help R&D and commerce plan
Commerce development plan - what does it look like?  How to promote local manufacturing and global knowledge exchange?   Promote workshop event template.
Multi language support/southern hemisphere strategy  (maybe with PASA?)
moves toward single sign-on with partners 
Commerce discussion  Interactive bill of materials - links to sourcing and alternatives  Skills and services (local fabricators who will build this tool, or request a local build workshop)  Businesses pay a little for space or honor system based on sales?  
General development goals
Big agenda - engineering schools/hacker spaces connected through farm hack library  
Ag-education NGOs use Farm Hack and shared platform for tool library, problem statements - coordinate on userID, blogs, forums etc.  
514 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Chris Callahan 514 days ago
Chris C
  • Chris Callahan to scan the SARE PI list another time for direct invitations.
  • Need an easy way to add videos and images
  • Default sizing for iframes
  • Clear invite to upload an overview video at the top of the tool wiki entry
  • Need to improve accessibility / usability from smartphones, e.g. connecting with Google docs
  • Make "help" availability more clear
  • Need better help text from project tea,
  • Need better formatting / form on interface.
  • Make it more clear what a "complete" tool is?
  • Adopt a tool form model of basic/advanced
  • Draft - Work in progress, saved in User profile.
  • Basic - Published. Most basic form of a tool that would allow replication. Perhaps simply a problem statement, basic approach and pictures / video
  • Advanced - More detailed tool information. Schematics, project reports, bill of materials, Q&A / forum
  • Address collapsible headers, e.g. default to fully expanded.
  • Search bar should execute when user presses "Enter" and not require clicking "Search."
  • When a user lands on a page that is their tool and hasn't logged in... then they click "login" is it possible to have them land back at the tool page ready to edit?
  • Need to add functionality to encourage improved collaboration / dialogue within tool.  Better integration of forums and tools.
625 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Andrew Plotsky 625 days ago
Kristen undefined The platform is built on Drupal and the community, and all products of it, are available to, and editable by all. It is horizontal exchange of information, principles, and mechanical ideas.
On the website you can contribute or learn from a forum, or the tool wikis.
The site works because users document the tools they’ve made or modified.  This creates a directory of innovations, and ideas to build from. Each tool is documented in the Farm Hack method using links, videos, components, and schematics for works in pro gress or functioning prototypes. You can even offer polished products as kits for sale.
We hope you will join the farm hack community, join in the spirit of  open source, of mutual aid, appropriate technology, and mechanical innovation, to join us in the regional manufacturing and fabrication of good tools for good farms.
661 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Daniel Grover 661 days ago
  • either there is a quick, easy solution or we'll have to do some design
Daniel G
  • haven't found a quick easy solution that looks good, may take some design
  • examples of what it might look like: 
  • email updates
  • email updates probably did not migrate but they do appear to still be functioning. 
  • perhaps next week, we can make a tutorial on how to update your email updates. 
  • once logged in, go to "my account" 
  • click "notifications"
  • click "administer your subscriptions"
  • R.J. Steinert how does one quickly and easily add additional updates?
  • maybe we need to build a UI for this
  • or just a button like this one (subscribe button on left) that automatically subscribes to ALL Farm Hack content (front page, tool page?)?: 
  • recently edited tools
  • proposed solution:
  • develop a frame separate front page for logged in users which shows recent activity
665 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kristen Loria 665 days ago
The ""Blog" window on the main page of farmhack.org does not automatically update when a new wordpress post is published on blog.farmhack.org. To update that, follow these instructions. 
Kristen undefined Check out the video tutorial here:
  1. log in as user1 and type in farmhack.org/admin/structure
  1. click on blocks
  1. Under "Top Bar" you will see "Farm Hack front page Mission and blog"--click configure
  1. In "box body": find code for and swap out picture, text, and link:
  1. Find current text of title in html, change title between angle brackets
  1. change link text also, make sure it still has quotes around it. 
  1. Picture: get picture url by right clicking on pic, copy image location, which will give you a url.
  1. before blog post link, in the img tag, change link source
  1. after pasting, click save block. 
666 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Daniel Grover 666 days ago
  • SARE PIs [to be discussed further on 2/7 Comms call]
668 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Daniel Grover 668 days ago
Daniel G Org Call 2/11/16
  • Updating blog on drupal site to push from WP to Drupal automatically Devin Balkind
  • this will require a day or two of coding, plus time to work out bugs.
  • RJ and Mike agree that it's best to just keep updating the html manually. Below is a how-to for this process. There is also a video.
Daniel G
  • Kristen Loria we now have a way to update the blog without  bugging RJ! Just requires replacing three links in the html
  • Steps
  • log in as user in and type in farmhack.org/admin/structure
  • click on blocks
  • At top, Farm Hack front page blog--click configure
  • this is the top block (mission statement, blog 
  • swap out picture, text, and link.
  • Back to configure
  • Find current text of title in html, change title between angle brackets
  • change link text also, make sure it still has quotes around it. 
  • Picture:
  • get picture url by right clicking on pic, copy image address
  • before blog post link, in the img tag, change link source
  • after pasting, click save block. 
  • Chris Callahan have you seen these/were you able to use them in your report?
  • AFTER:
  • Bounce Rate is now well under 50% (was over 70% before changes)
  • Pages/Session is up to 4 from 2 
  • Session Duration is up from approx 2 min to approx 4 min
  • $500 
  • March 12, danbury, ct
  • maybe farm hack can split a table with FARM OS??
  • BUG: Restoring google docs to farm hack tools
  • Bug is occurring because of farmhack.org not being https/SSL
  • We need to do this because SSL/HTTPS is becoming required
  • RJ wanted to solve using let's encrypt (free ssl certificate) but it isn't communicating well with Pantheon or there is some other bug there. 
  • Going with buying an SSL and upgrading Pantheon:
  • $130/month + cost of SSL cert.
  • option to bill Pete Land for this
  • Can we switch over Pantheon payment to FH paying from RJ paying? 

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